Crowthorne Village

About Crowthorne

Welcome to my page about Crowthorne Village in Berkshire. This is separate to the bulk of the website as it is my ongoing personal project to photograph the village.

The aim is not to produce an amazing work photography, simply to try and capture what the village looks like, and record the parts that are disappearing.

I have only lived in Crowthorne several years and the village is changing at an astounding pace, mainly due to the relentless wave of housing development taking place in the south east. It seems any piece of flat, green space is  in the firing line for more housing.

At the same time as the population is increasing, infrastructure and businesses, some of which have been in the area for years, are dissappearing. I want to try and capture these disappearing parts of the village before they are gone forever. Unfortunately I did not think of this project in time to capture the old TRL site before it was demolished, or the Waterloo Hotel.

Time allowing, I will update the photos as new things appear and as other business vanish. I took the bulk of these photos throughout 2017.

The below galleries are divided into Crowthorne Village (as it is now more or less) and below that, galleries of parts of the village that have already gone/are about to go. Subjects with lots of photos get their own, labelled gallery, smaller subjects are combined in the Dissappearing Crowthorne gallery.

Please have a look round and leave me a comment, if only to say hi!

I am still building this page, and there are more photos coming, but it is time consuming so please bear with me.

The welcome sign at the entrance to the village, Dukes Ride end.

The welcome sign at the entrance to the village, Dukes Ride end.